iCleanse is a trusted manufacturer of on-the-fly disinfection

Patented and GSA approved, the iCleanse family of products effectively kills pathogens that can lead to infection in as little as 30 seconds.

Adding device to iCleanse in lobby
Hand fills iCleanse 5x

The burden of proper disinfection

Disinfecting mobile devices is typically a human process that can take anywhere from 1 to 10 minutes. Using a traditional method of disinfecting is often imprecise or not done at all. Chemicals dry sooner than their contact time requires and leaves a residue that increases resistance.

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Why choose UV-C?

Using UV-C reduces disinfection time by 43% and is significantly better at anaerobic decontamination than traditional disinfecting practices. According to the Tripler Army MC Study, daily cleaning of mobile devices increased by 86% with a 98% user satisfaction rate with the iCleanse Swift XL.

iCleanse organism test list

iCleanse Swift & Swift Mini

Organism TestedIDTime (in seconds)NotesLogEfficacy ResultsLab
MRSAATCC 3359115>2.98100.00%ResInnova
OC43 (Human Coronavirus)15>4.98100.00%ResInnova

iCleanse Swift XL

Organism TestedIDTime (in seconds)NotesLogEfficacy ResultsLab
MRSAClinical Strain30>6100.00%UCONN
VREClinical Strain30>6100.00%UCONN
C. DiffATCC 70057120Toxinotype tcdA-, tcdB-
Ribotype 038
Binary toxin gene cdtB not
amplified by PCR
1.2 – > 2.290% – 99.99%YNHH
OC43 (Human Coronavirus)30>3.5100.00%ResInnova

iCleanse Swift 5x

Organism TestedIDTime (in seconds)NotesLogEfficacy ResultsLab
Enterococcus faeciumATCC 5155960Multidrug-resistant (ampicillin,
ciprofoxacin, gentamicin, rifampin,
teicoplanin, and vancomycin) Presence
of VanAgene confirmed by PCR.
Staphylococcus aureus
subsp. Aureus (MRSA)
ATCC 4330060Resistant to methicillin, Resistant to
oxacillin.Absence of PVL gene
confirmed by PCR. MRSA
SCCmec: Type II
spa type: Ridom: t007
spa type Kreiswirth: WGKKKKAOM
pvl gene amplification: Negative
Pseudomonas aeruginosaATCC 2785360Effect of salt concentration on gentamicin susceptibility>6100.00%YNHH
Acinetobacter baumanniiATCC BAA74760Vitek #109234 [API 8310086, NSB 4221]>6100.00%YNHH
SalmonellaClinical Strain60>599.90%YNHH
C.DiffATCC 70057120Toxinotype tcdA-, tcdB-
Ribotype 038
Binary toxin gene cdtB not
amplified by PCR
1 – > 390% – 99.90%YNHH

Results are based on tests of our devices in a laboratory setting and are not meant to expand the claim of iCleanse’s ability to provide general-purpose disinfection to mobile devices.

  • The devices were inoculated and then processed in the iCleanse without any pre-cleaning.
  • The process for C.Diff was by serial dilution (spores) & subsequent culture not ATP.
  • Pre-cleaning will reduce the bio-burden before disinfecting and produce even better results.
  • The disinfection time can be changed based on your preferences by accessing the settings menu on your unit (refer to user manual).
  • Remember, iCleanse provides an engineering control (automated, reproducible process) for disinfection, executing the same method in the same manner without relying on the variability of a user’s compliance to the protocol, affording the reduction or elimination of human error.

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