iCleanse products have been used around the globe
for over a decade

We listen to our customers and we are focused on building long-term relationships with them.

Doing so allowed us to introduce the world’s first tablet docking station with chemical-free disinfection for use in germ-sensitive environments. This patented and easy-to-use solution not only disinfects mobile devices in less than a minute, but also provides an integrated means to securely store, charge and image these devices.

Healthcare, innovation and efficient workflow.

The iCleanse product line consists of high quality products made by people who care about healthcare, innovation and efficient workflow.

We know that integrating new processes into medical and other unique environments requires deep thinking and collaboration with users in that environment. We hope you find iCleanse to offer an important part of your mobilization strategy…and we invite you to provide feedback to us at anytime and be part of our growing community of delighted customers.

Charging, Security & Disinfection…it’s all part of the solution.

Today, mobile devices are “standard equipment” and a critical part of the operational workflow. In many instances, tablets require an appropriate “eco-system” to support their safe and efficient use. iCleanse is dedicated to providing its customers the solutions they need for applications to feel seamless to their users.

To ensure our customers remain satisfied with their iCleanse products, we offer extended 1 year warranty, free.