iCleanse in sports

Team facilities and locker rooms are high traffic areas creating a breeding ground for germs and infection. Each player and staff member that enters and exits should disinfect their equipment and electronic devices. This includes phones, tablets, headphones, and other electronic and team devices to prevent the spread of infections.


Staph infections, the flu, the common cold, and most recently, COVID-19 are frequent amongst athletes and are easily spread. Frequent disinfection of devices will help players, staff, their families, and stadium patrons. Due to the current pandemic, sports leagues have lost almost $12 billion in revenue. iCleanse can help get operations back to normal so that players can play the game they love and fans can watch their favorite teams without worry.

Football players are 10-15% more likely to contract MRSA than the general public

Flu deaths increase by 5-24% in US cities with pro sports, with the largest increase for NHL games

Sports leagues could lose up to $12 billion in revenue due to the coronavirus pandemic

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