iCleanse in the hospitality & travel industry

The hospitality and travel industries cover a variety of day-to-day activities for the public. Everything from restaurants to hotels, to airports and train stations, get hundreds to thousands of visitors each day. Keeping these types of business safe is crucial to continue daily operations.



Food Service & Dining

Restaurants have made many changes to how they operate in the last year. Converting parking lots to outdoor dining areas and increasing the number of to-go orders. Being able to disinfect quickly between tables, customers, and shifts are essential to the fast-paced environment of the industry. Taking the necessary precautions, such as installing plexiglass and enforcing social distancing has allowed hotels to stay open. Disinfecting rooms, elevators, the lobby and items is crucial to keeping staff and guests safe.


Airports & Travel

Airports can see thousands of people in and out of their doors each day, allowing for bacteria and viruses to linger. Being able to quickly disinfect and keep staff and travelers safe is essential to keeping the industry moving. Having iCleanse units installed in these locations will assist in the safety of both employees and guests, by being able to disinfect phones, tablets, headphones, remotes, badges, and other frequently used items. Disinfection is key to keeping traveling an option during today’s pandemic.

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