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11 New & Unique Locations to Implement iCleanse Products

by | Oct 19, 2020

As the crisp air approaches and the colder weather starts to creep in, the more businesses and establishments must return indoors again. This means businesses must think of creative, effective, and safe ways to keep their establishments profitable while protecting their employees and customers. In today’s times, health and wellness are at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Why not limit health risks with a simple and efficient way to disinfect your frequently used belongings?

There are countless amounts of spaces you could implement iCleanse products throughout your everyday life. Every day you enter new establishments and public areas. These areas normally have large masses of people, which ultimately allows loads of bacteria to accumulate. The more you disinfect your devices and items, the less likely you are to spread pathogens. Some of the industries that iCleanse has been approached by are colleges, schools, government establishments, first responders, healthcare, military, and corporate businesses. Here are 11 new and unique industries where iCleanse products could be implemented for the purpose of disinfecting and protecting your community.


lons and spas have an abundance of clients that enter their establishments each day to get their hair done or receive a variety of other beauty treatments. In these spaces, there are tools that are frequently used to perform the tasks at hand. Combs, straighteners, hair dryers, clips, brushes, phones, and tablets are just a few examples of items that need to be disinfected frequently to protect clients and employees. An iCleanse unit would allow salons the ability to rapidly disinfect their tools between clients to prevent the spread of pathogens in their facilities.


Restaurant establishments have faced many challenges this year. Having to adapt to new ways of serving customers safely while trying to stay open has been very challenging. Several accommodations they have made are: increasing the number of takeout orders, creating a larger outdoor seating area where available, and arranging an appropriate social distancing environment inside the restaurant. In addition to these changes, many high touch surfaces and devices should be disinfected throughout each day to keep establishments safe for employees and customers. Many restaurants have increased their use of technology. The use of QR codes on customer phones to read menus and using tablets to check-in and to order inside the restaurant are just a couple of examples. Phones, tablets, buzzers, card readers, and other devices are several items that can be disinfected frequently to prevent the spread of viruses and keep everyone healthy. Repetitive cleaning of these items is crucial to keep the restaurant industry safe and running.

Sporting Arenas & Concert Facilities

Stadiums and arenas are full of thousands of fans and employees at each event. It is commonly a large communal space that holds many stores, food stands, and guests. Employees use ticket scanners, badges, tablets, and other devices to keep the environment functioning and safe. The performers, coaching staff, and athletes frequently use cell phones, tablets, and headpieces as well as other electronic devices to communicate. Keeping these items clean and disinfected is critical to keep everyone including these industries protected, healthy, and functioning.


Airports are filled with thousands of people each day traveling from all over the world. Passengers and employees fill the closely packed terminals allowing for a plethora of viruses to accumulate. Phones, tablets, headphones, handheld security wands, and other security equipment are commonly used items that would benefit greatly from frequent disinfection.


Hotel management has adapted to new plans and adjusted to the new health and CDC guidelines. Taking precautions and disinfecting the necessary areas have allowed for hotels to stay open and running. Installing plexiglass and enforcing masks inside the building are some of the new protocols that are in place for hotels in today’s world. Disinfecting all surfaces in rooms, elevators, and the lobby are crucial to protect guests from infectious bacteria. Having iCleanse units installed for both guests and employees would further assist in safety by disinfecting:  phones, tablets, headphones, remotes, badges, and other frequently used items that can harbor pathogens. iCleanse products allow guests and employees to quickly disinfect personal and company items to protect themselves and others from the spread of germs. Having iCleanse units implemented in hospitality establishments could benefit the productivity and integrity of these businesses.

Gyms & Fitness Centers

In order to ensure that fitness facilities are clean and safe for employees and members, constant disinfecting must occur. Fitness centers have a great number of members in and out of their facilities daily. Sharing exercise equipment and taking part in group fitness classes are a couple reasons that high touch areas and devices need to be disinfected frequently. Installing iCleanse units would allow employees and members to disinfect items such as: phones, headphones, tablets, and card readers to prevent cross contamination in high traffic areas. Offering members the ability to disinfect their personal electronic devices is an attractive service when visiting a fitness facility.


Daycare and childcare facilities are finding creative new ways to teach young children while keeping a happy and safe environment. Childcare facilities range from small private home day cares to larger corporate care centers. All facilities must disinfect throughout the day to protect the children and staff from pathogens. Toddlers and preschool aged children are known to frequently put things in their mouths and are too young to be aware of proper hygiene practices. For these reasons, repetitive disinfection of small toys, craft tools, game pieces, tablets, etc. are essential. iCleanse has the technology to disinfect these items in under two minutes allowing teachers ample time to focus on taking care of the children.

Nursing Homes

As we’ve seen in these recent uncertain times, it is imperative that our society does anything we can to protect our fragile elderly population from disease. iCleanse technology can help protect and disinfect many high touch areas in long term care facilities and nursing homes. Items such as tablets, phones, game pieces, small medical equipment, and remotes are just a few examples of the many items that can be disinfected to help protect residents and staff.


Entertainment venues, such as casinos, are filled with thousands of people each day. Items such as gambling chips, phones, tablets, card readers, and keys are a few examples of high touch items that should be frequently disinfected. An iCleanse device will help to protect and keep both employees and guests safe from viruses while enjoying the casino environment.

Malls & Retail Stores

Shopping malls hold hundreds of stores and thousands of customers that travel in and out of retail areas each day. Tons of people touch many different surfaces on their visits. Cleanse products allow businesses to take needed precautions by disinfecting tablets, phones, earpieces, and many other objects. By disinfecting these items throughout the day, mall employees and consumers can reduce the spread of pathogens.

Jewelry stores

Jewelry stores have expensive merchandise that they sell and tools that they use to adjust and clean their items. After customers try on a piece of jewelry that they are interested in, each piece should be disinfected before the next customer tries it on. For smaller items to be disinfected, a quartz tray would be utilized. Pieces such as rings, bracelets and necklaces would be placed on the tray so that they would not fall through the basket while being disinfected.

In summary, it is evident that iCleanse products can be utilized to disinfect items to help prevent the spread of bacteria & viruses in a plethora of business locations. Even common spaces such as building entrances and lobbies lend themselves perfectly to an iCleanse device. Allowing visitors or residents to disinfect their devices as they enter or exit a location reduces the risk of disease by frequently disinfecting pathogens living on their devices. With the variety of iCleanse products available customers can choose the best device to fit their needs. iCleanse cares about protecting people from infections and helping to create a healthier world.

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