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Why Frequent Disinfection of Cellphones is so Important

by | Apr 12, 2021

Spring is here and warm weather is approaching. The sun is out, the grass is greener, and the flowers are blooming. There has been a positive shift in people’s moods and mental state as society starts to return to some form of normalcy. The COVID-19 pandemic has made everyone’s life slightly more complicated this past year. It has made businesses think of innovative ways to interact with their customers and how to keep their employees working.

As the world starts to open back up due to distribution of vaccines and warmer weather, employees are returning to their jobs and customers are feeling safer when it comes to in person service and interaction. Masks, vaccines, social distancing markers, plexiglass, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, temperature checks, and other precautions have helped reopen the world.

These precautions have allowed people to feel more comfortable to return to work or enter establishments in person now. These health and safety measures are all strides in the right direction. However, bacteria awareness and disinfection will still remain a priority and won’t disappear altogether. As the pandemic starts to slowly fade, protocols will be loosened in various workplaces and public spaces. However, the health and safety of others will continue to be a high priority with regular disinfection practices in a variety of establishments.  

What is the one item you consistently have with you throughout your day? The number one personal item that people carry around on a daily basis is their smartphone. Cellphones are often at home with you, at work, the gym, errands, in your car, and any other public place that you visit. Cellphones can pick up and transmit germs to yourself and to others. These devices are known to be dirtier than toilet seats, kitchen counters, dog bowls, and even doorknobs. The best way to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria is to disinfect your phone.

3 Reasons Why You Should Disinfect Your Cellular Device:

  1. Phones are Breeding Grounds for Bacteria 
    Thinking about how many germs could be living on your cellphone is not the most pleasant thought. Before the pandemic, did you ever really stop to think about cleaning your cellphone? Cellphones are covered in germs, 25,127 bacteria per square inch to be exact. This means that there are various pathogens living on your phone screen that could be easily transmitted to yourself or others that you come in contact with.   
  1. Cross Contamination from Hands to Phone  
    Since your phone has 25,127 bacteria per square inch, there are a plethora of infectious pathogens that could be passed on to yourself or others. If you do not disinfect your phone often and don’t wash your hands consistently throughout the day, you could be transferring pathogens back and forth from your hands to your device. Placing your phone on a variety of surfaces in the different locations you travel, will pick up different types of bacteria. The bacteria will then remain on your phone until it is properly disinfected. Phones are breeding grounds for germs and love to live off the warmth that phones radiate. Bacteria thrive off warmth, and cellphones are constantly radiating heat and are sharing warm spaces such as pockets or your hands. Frequent disinfection of both your phone and your hands will prevent spreading germs to yourself or others.   
  1. How frequently Do You Touch Your Phone?  
    Most individuals check their phones on a consistent basis from the time they wake up for work, to the time they go to bed. Whether this is checking emails, text messages, social media notifications, or just scrolling through your apps. The world we live in is all digital and the majority of people own at least one device. Whether you have your own personal cell phone or a company device, most communication is done online. In today’s times, we don’t even realize how attached we truly are to our phones. According to a  2019 survey  by a research firm dscout, the average person touches their phone 2,617 times daily. The study found that extreme cellphone users touch their phones more than  5,400 times daily.  

Solution for Bacteria on Phones: Swift UV 
iCleanse has recently announced the Swift UV to the world. The Swift UV is a practical and efficient device that helps to eliminate 99.9% of infectious pathogens from your cellphone in just 15 seconds. This device is great for on-the-go disinfection for both your hands and your cellphone. Equipped with cutting-edge technology,  the  Swift UV  is the quickest and easiest way to disinfect  your phone  by killing infectious pathogens like human  coronavirus, the common cold, and  influenza. This product  comes with a floor stand or can be mounted to the wall  so it can fit in almost any space desirable. 

The Swift UV  is ideal for fast-paced busy  environments  and optimizes productivity. The Swift UV can  be implemented into  a  wide variety  of  markets.   Place units in points of entry where staff, customers, and patients can quickly and effectively kill the germs on their phones  as they enter or exit,  keeping themselves  and others safe.


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