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Top 6 Questions Regarding the iCleanse Swift UV

by | Apr 27, 2021

Disinfection is part of the new norm in the world that we live in today. There is more awareness around bacteria and disinfection of items that we come across on a daily basis. With the iCleanse Swift UV, it is easier to disinfect your mobile devices on the go whether you are in a public setting or in the workplace. Since this product is new and unique to the realm of UV-C disinfection, there are a few questions that we are here to answer.  

Does the Swift UV steal my personal information like my credit cards, contacts, pictures, etc?  
No, we do not have access or the means to access any information on your phone. Your personal information is not compromised in any way by using the Swift UV. The inside of each iCleanse unit features reflective metal and UV-C lights to disinfect your devices.     

What happens if the power goes out during a cycle or if my phone gets stuck in the Swift UV? 
The Swift UV was designed with this exact scenario in mind. There is a side latch on the unit that features a crank to lift your phone back out of the chamber. There is an access door on the side of the unit with a manual knob that allows you to eject your phone manually in such an event.  

Can you use any hand sanitizer in the dispenser?  
Yes, you can attach any brand of hand sanitizer to the mountable plate on the Swift UV. Any hand sanitizer that your workplace purchases will be able to work in the dispenser.  

Can you disinfect your phone with its phone case on? 
Yes, the Swift UV can accommodate smartphones with standard cases and even most bulkier cases like an OtterBox. However, if you have a PopSocket on your phone or a Loopy case, we don’t recommend using Swift UV with these accessories attached.  

Does the Swift UV use any liquid solutions that would damage my phone? 
No, the Swift UV does not contain any liquid disinfectants that could damage your cellphone. The only thing exposed to your cellular device is UV-C light. 

Can you mount the Swift UV to the wall? 
Yes, you can keep it on the stand, or you can mount the Swift UV to the wall. This makes the unit even more versatile for on-the-fly disinfection since it can be located in many different places inside buildings and other establishments. We have designed the Swift UV to be ADA compliant. 

Watch our live reveal of Swift UV: youtube.com/watch?v=rQdHPd44OoY&t=9s

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