Swift UV Display Guidelines

These are the requirements for displaying content on the screen of your Swift UV.

CMS Media Compatability Requirement
Individual asset* (image or video) Up to 50MB file size and up to 120 secxonds in length (video)
Static image format .jpeg or .png
Video format MP4 H.264/AVC or MP4 H.265/HEVC
Recommended video resolution and framerate 120px x 800px, 30fps
Priority asset** video length Up to 10 seconds if including a CTA or up ro 12 seconds without a CTA
Note: Videos less than state durations will pause on final frame for the remainder of the time.
CTA .jpeg or .png that can include a promotional message or offer and can include a QR code

*Individual asset is the asset that plays when the device isn't currently in use
**Priority asset is the asset that plays during the 15 second disinfection cycle

Swift UV Network Requirements

Listed are the recommended network requirements for Swift UV.

Required Your Swift UV requires a connection to a network that allows devices to remain connected continuously.
Network Band 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Network (not 5GHz compatible)
Recommended Network Type: If your network environment includes a dedicated VLAN for IoT or other devices that only require access to the internet vs internal visibility that would be an appropriate network for the Swift UV, please refer to your own internal networking standards to make the appropriate decision in this matter.

By default, Swift UV has DHCP enabled for convenience and network compatibility, this configuration can be modified in the network settings if your network configuration requires it. (See Instructions for accessing network settings.)
Not Recommended Guest and open networks typically have lease times that require reconnection at set intervals determined by your network configuration. If your Swift UV goes offline due to an expired lease it will not be able to receive updates or other communications from the CMS.