Swift UV

On-the-fly disinfection station for phones available with a stand or wall-mount


Swift UV at a glance

  • UV-C disinfection station for mobile phones 
  • Kills 99.99% of germs in just 10 seconds without chemicals 
  • Ideal for entryways and fast-paced environments  
  • Display screen for instructions, custom branding, and advertising 
  • Available in two configurations: stand or wall-mount 

Our phones are like Petri dishes in our pockets, harboring over 25,000 harmful bacteria per square inch. The newest member of the iCleanse family of chemical-free UV-C technology, the Swift UV, is the quickest and easiest way to disinfect by killing 99.99% of infectious pathogens like human coronavirus, the common cold, and influenza in just 15 seconds.

The Swift UV is ideal for fast-paced environments like restaurants, airports, and hospitals. Place the Swift UV in points of entry where staff, customers, and patients can quickly and effectively kill the germs on their phones, keeping them and others safe.


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Swift UV with Stand and Sanitizer Dispenser Dimensions:
56.5” x 23″ x 23″
Swift UV with Stand and Sanitizer Dispenser Weight: 46 lbs.
Swift UV with Stand and Sanitizer Dispenser Display Size: 10″

Swift UV Wall-Mount Dimensions: 26” x 10.75″ x 4″
Swift UV Wall-Mount Weight: 13 lbs.
Swift UV Wall-Mount Display Size: 10″


Phone Accommodations: Any standard sized phone with a standard case (no Pop Sockets® or Loopy Cases®)
Disinfection Cycle Time: 15 seconds
Disinfection Type: General purpose disinfection
Operating Temp Range: 37°F – 95°F
Operating Humidity Range: 5-95% @ 82.4°F
Storage Humidity Range: 0-95% Non-condensing
AC Supply Voltage: 120VAC – 240VAC
Power Cord Length: 6.5 ft.
Installation Requirement: Wall mount or pedestal stand option


EPA Company Number: 101275
US Patent Numbers: 8296493, 8606981, 8977796, 925432, 10166308

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Why choose iCleanse?

iCleanse is the leader in chemical-free UV-C disinfection and a Digital Out of Home Media company. We are the trusted and the original, patented solution for fast, reliable, and touchless on-the-fly disinfection.

Patented design

Independent lab testing

USA made

On-the-fly disinfection

In just 15 seconds, the Swift UV kills 99.99% of infectious pathogens wherever you are.

Small size, heavy duty disinfection

The Swift UV may be small, but it emits UV-C light in the peak germicidal wavelength range of 260nm to 270nm to target viruses.

Touch-less design

The Swift UV is designed so that the user never has to touch the device, and paired with hand sanitizer ensures no recontamination.