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Staying Innovative & Efficient Throughout Difficult Times- iCleanse CEO Chris Allen Discusses Entrepreneurship, UVC Disinfection, and What Is Next For iCleanse

by | Oct 15, 2020

Have you wondered how businesses are starting up and growing during tough times? Well,  entrepreneur and CEO of iCleanse, Chris Allen joins Shannon King on the CBIA BizCast Podcast and addresses this question. This podcast episode discusses Allen’s motive behind acquiring iCleanse, his entrepreneurial mindset, and running a company so closely related and beneficial to the global pandemic we are in today. 

About iCleanse

Allen addresses his journey as an entrepreneur and how he came to acquire iCleanse. The company is currently located in Riverdale Farms in Avon Connecticut. iCleanse is continuously growing with valuable employees. iCleanse products consist of a variety of chemical-free docking stations that are used for highly touched surfaces. These products are used to disinfect electronic equipment, medical tools, company electronics, and many other personal items. iCleanse products can be implemented in many different markets including hospitals, schools, government establishments, military, colleges, salons, gyms, airports, etc. 

Health & Safety For All 

As mentioned in this episode, cell phones and tablets pick up just as many germs as our hands. That creates a lot of opportunities for quick transmission of germs. It’s clear that in trying times like these, businesses and establishments need to primarily focus on the safety and health of their employees, customers, and their families. Finding technology that can protect others and maintain a standard of efficiency in the workplace is critical for businesses moving forward. iCleanse believes in disinfecting and protecting the community in an effort to remain efficient and safe. Mitigating the risk of the spread of certain pathogens is the ultimate goal using UVC light as opposed to liquid disinfectant.

2020 & Staying Optimistic

Allen touches upon the power of positivity and optimism during tough times such as the one we are currently living through with this Covid-19 pandemic. He discusses how he is always looking for opportunities and taking risks in order to broaden his horizons as an entrepreneur. The mission at iCleanse is to help adapt to the new norm that we are living, by helping society and protecting others from infection and illness. Allen and King have a great conversation on the future of iCleanse and the growth the company will have in Connecticut and across the country. They also discuss the importance of work life balance and how that plays a key role in growing a successful business. 

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