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by | Nov 5, 2020

Is UVC technology here to stay? The answer is absolutely. There is a newly heightened awareness around bacteria & infectious disease. This awareness has impacted daily habits, creating a new norm for our society. iCleanse CEO, Chris Allen joins Fred Fishkin on Techsination Radio Podcast and discusses: entrepreneurship in the technology field, iCleanse products, the plethora of markets for our products, the Covid-19 pandemic, UV-C disinfection, and more. 

The Acquisition Of iCleanse
Allen had acquired ReadyDock, now named iCleanse, in late July 2020. Prior to the acquisition of the company and prior to the pandemic, the company had primarily focused on medical and hospital spaces. The focus was on disinfecting MRSA, C. Diff, and other pathogens that are frequently found in hospitals. Universities and colleges such as Yale and the University of Vermont have used our products. In addition, the United States government tested out our product and used it on their base in Honolulu, Hawaii. Mercy Hospital, TriHealth, and many other health care facilities have also incorporated our products into their workspaces to protect their employees and patients. However, iCleanse is now being approached by varying markets ranging from medical spaces, police and fire departments, schools, salons, airports, casinos, and many others. 

Why UV-C?
iCleanse products are units that almost resemble a toaster oven. They have smooth pull-out drawers to put your devices or objects into and they will be disinfected in as little as 15 seconds with ultraviolet light, otherwise known as UV-C. UV-C is what is used as the disinfectant in iCleanse products. UV-C is ultraviolet light with wavelengths between 200-280 nanometers. These ultraviolet light wavelengths kill bacteria and infectious pathogens on surfaces quickly. 

The benefit of disinfecting with UV-C is that it requires no cleaning solutions or liquids. It also takes as little as 30 seconds and up to only 2 minutes to disinfect a surface with iCleanse products. Whereas disinfecting wipes and sprays are supposed to stay on the infected surface for ten minutes to fully and sufficiently disinfect that surface. In addition, liquid disinfectants may end up damaging the product and or devices as well as making them less resistant.

Fishkin and Allen also dive deeper into discussing the 2020 pandemic and the new reality we all face in regards to disinfecting to protect the health of our citizens. They discuss how dirty cell phones are and how easy it is to cross-contaminate after only washing your hands and not properly disinfecting your devices and items. Today we learned via a Bloomberg article that, “Scientists at the Australian Centre for Disease Preparedness, SARS-CoV-2 is “extremely robust,” surviving for 28 days on smooth surfaces such as glass found on mobile phone screens and plastic banknotes at room temperature, or 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit). That compares with 17 days survival for the flu virus.” This means that your devices and frequently touched items can carry infectious pathogens for up to 28 days if not disinfected properly. UV-C kills the bacteria it sees in 2 minutes or less with iCleanse products, keeping you and your devices safe from these harmful bacterias. 

Variety of Markets for iCleanse
Allen mentions many different verticals that iCleanse is now being approached by, in the midst of the pandemic this year. The global pandemic has made every business and workplace conform to a new normal and adjust the previous health and safety plans they had in place. With iCleanse products, you can keep any workplace or public area safe from infectious pathogens that might be on their surfaces. iCleanse products could be implemented in colleges, corporate offices, doctors offices, airports, casinos, military spaces, police and fire stations, and many other locations. Our products are offered in a variety of sizes. Each product can be evaluated and chosen to best fit the needs of your domain.

What Makes iCleanse Proven Amongst Other UVC Disinfectant Products & Companies?
You may be wondering, what makes iCleanse different from similar companies? Well, Fishkin asks this question to Allen during this episode. Allen indicates that iCleanse owns the patent on virtually disinfecting in an opaque box and disinfecting while recharging. iCleanse, previously ReadyDock, has been around for over 10 years and is implemented in over 100 hospital networks around the globe. iCleanse units are lab tested and are certified by a third-party lab, proving we kill 99.9% of most pathogens we tested against. There is accurate and hard evidence of the pathogens that these products kill and these reports are available to view. We have recently received results that the iCleanse family of products effectively kills 100% of coronavirus in 30 seconds.*   

Our products are industrial grade B2B products that are made to last. Right now businesses and establishments may be looking for the cheapest option to disinfect their devices with products they find online. However, a lot of these online UV-C disinfection companies are not proven products to be effective and often take much longer to disinfect. Allen explains that UV-C technology is not a new area of expertise. It is something that has been done for a long period of time. When tested and used correctly, it benefits the greater good. 

What’s Next? 
Allen discusses what’s next for iCleanse. He mentions that there are new products in the works that are currently on the roadmap for the company. He believes that these products will be released in the timeframe of January or February 2021. iCleanse is continuing to grow with valuable employees and top grade products. iCleanse will help our communities to disinfect their devices and items while remaining productive and safe. 

*Tested against COVID-19 surrogate OC43

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