Our solutions are developed by listening to our customers. We have been implementing Tablet based solutions for over 10 years. iCleanse was born from customer need and advanced year after year from persistent, progressive listening. We are never done listening and we encourage you to become part of the conversation.

Only iCleanse integrates general purpose disinfection, charging, and security into a set of tablet peripherals designed to support your unique workflow. Whether you are deploying applications in healthcare, education, retail, food service, or other industries, let iCleanse help you insure a safe and successful implementation.



Tablet computers have been utilized in healthcare for over a decade. They are not a new idea…and the best practices that supported successful implementations of tablets from a variety of manufacturers are a wealth of wisdom to build upon as the adoption of this new generation of tablets take hold. Read More


The tablet is transforming education. It is more than a textbook; it is a connected, centrally managed, collaborative, and fluid method for dynamic learning. The tablet is a paradigm shift in knowledge acquisition, curriculum management, and a primary catalyst to the slow yet inevitable reduction of paper-based textbooks. Read More

Hospitality & Travel

The tablet is revolutionizing information exchanges everywhere. Restaurants have embraced the technology as an innovative way to present menus, wine selections, and even previews of what your food will look like. Read More