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Nikki Rich Interviews iCleanse CEO, Christopher Allen

by | May 17, 2021

Did you get the chance to watch the CEO of iCleanse, Chris Allen’s latest interview? Chris recently appeared on Nikki Rich’s talk show to discuss the company and the future of UV-C technology. The conversation began with a brief overview of the history of the company and the business’ mission. Chris started off by saying, “iCleanse was started about 10 years ago, and I was an investor and a board member back then. In my previous company called iDevices, I sold that in 2017, and decided last summer in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic that it would be a good time to really help this company blossom and turn into a much larger organization.” iCleanse was previously known as ReadyDock before Chris acquired it in the summer of 2020. 

Chris discussed what iCleanse products are, describing them as “a variety of boxes that use ultraviolet light to disinfect your phones, tablets, your badges, keys, and other frequently touched items.” The company is primarily focused on the commercial workplace and helping hospital workers, nurses, hospitality, hotels, offices, airports, salons, corporate America, and many other markets that could benefit from an efficient disinfection product. We sell to a plethora of businesses that could benefit from efficient disinfection units in their workplace. One of the main goals within the iCleanse mission is to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. We want to help businesses stay open while keeping customers and employees healthy and safe. Chris states “It’s been our mission to try and make our products as affordable as possible. We brought down all of our prices over the last 12 months, and we are really excited about the future of the company.”  

iCleanse and CIT Financing Partnership 
Nikki started to touch on where the Swift product line can be implemented and where the future of the business is heading. Currently, iCleanse products are deployed in over 100 hospitals around the world. Swift products have also been implemented into a number of nursing homes, fire stations police stations, and schools. 

Nikki loves the innovative aspect of this product and mentioned pricing with iCleanse’s latest partnership with CIT. Chris goes on to say, “CIT is a great financing partner for us. We recognize that businesses have been hit hard during these times and we want to help people reopen and reopen using our products and keeping their employees and customers safe. CIT has helped and stepped in to make our products very affordable.” This is an affordable option so that businesses do not feel overwhelmed with paying upfront for units.  

Swift UV 
The market has opened up significantly over the last year due to the pandemic and the demand for disinfection solutions. The Swift UV is the latest technological advance from iCleanse and the company’s quickest product. There is incredible interest in unique markets such as fast-food restaurants, TSA, cruise ships, etc. Knocking out infectious pathogens in a plethora of establishments while promoting good hand hygiene is the main goal at iCleanse. Stopping the spread of bacteria and allowing customers and employees to feel safe is crucial.  

Chris touched on the newest features regarding the Swift UV. One is that the Swift UV has an optional plate for a hand sanitizer dispenser to be attached to the side of the unit. The purpose of having the hand sanitizer dispenser attached to the unit is to help prevent cross-contamination from germs that are living on your hands back onto your mobile device or vice versa. It takes as little as 15 seconds to disinfect your phone, giving you ample time to sanitize your hands and ensuring your phone stays disinfected. The Swift UV can be mounted to the optional stand or mounted to the wall for ADA compliance. 

A new unique feature that we have with the Swift UV is the option for businesses to advertise with the screens on these units. Businesses can advertise their own products or company, or iCleanse can populate the screens with advertisements and we will pay the business a percentage of the ad revenues for having them displayed. When creating this feature and the Swift UV in general, we were aiming to make our product more economical and beneficial to the businesses purchasing.  

Don’t forget to check out the full interview by clicking the link down below. Stay up to date with iCleanse by visiting iCleanse.com or following us on all of our socials.  

Watch Full Interview: https://youtu.be/xPBUHaEY3a4 

Watch iCleanse Swift UV Live Event: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQdHPd44OoY&t=9s 

Learn more about iCleanse and CIT Financing Options: https://support.icleanse.com/financing-through-cit

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