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4 Articles That Prove Mobile Disinfection Is Must

By iCleanse Team July 6, 2020

The usage of mobile devices has risen significantly in recent years due to all the advantages in mobile technology happening everyday. However, because the technology comes in close contact with healthcare workers and patients, it leaves patients susceptible to infection. Below, we bring you 4 articles that prove mobile disinfection needs to be implemented into daily routines in healthcare facilities.

  1. Role of Mobile Phone in Spreading Hospital Acquired Infection: A Study in Different Group of Health Care Workers
    Researchers in this study examined doctors, nurses, and other health care personnel and took samples from their hand and mobile phone to test for the identification of microorganism and antibiotic sensitivity.
  2. Are We Aware How Contaminated Our Mobile Phones With Nosocomial Pathogens?
    This study remains exclusive to Operating Rooms and Intensive Care Units where the goal was to determine the contamination rate on 200 healthcare workers’ hands and mobile devices. It concluded that the use of mobile devices could be the source of healthcare associated infections.

  3. Mobile Phones And Nosocomial Infections
    In this article researchers Rawia Ibrahim Badr, Hatem ibrahim Badr, Nabil Mansour Ali study the hands of neurosurgeons, anesthetists, and nurses before and after they came in direct contact with a cell phone to see the growth bacterial infection on their hands left from the device.
  4. Mobile Phone Contamination By Microorganisms In Health Facilities: Comparing Health Care Workers and Patient Visitors in a Post-Operative Pediatric ICU
    This study was conducted at the Post-Operative Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (POPICU) of Children’s Hospital in Ain Shams University in Cairo, Egypt. Researchers studied the rate of bacteria on healthcare workers’ mobile phones and compared it to those of the patient visitors.

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