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[Infographic] The Ability of Bacteria to Linger on Mobile Devices

by | Jul 14, 2020

In one of our recent blog articles we posted the question, when is the last time you disinfected your mobile device? The ability for bacteria to linger and multiply on the surfaces of these devices make that a very important question for those working in germ sensitive environments.

Studies have found the screens of cell phones and other mobile devices to be filthy – containing up to 18x more bacteria than a toilet handle. For those with an increased risk of infection such as the immunocomprised, the presence of these bacteria can be extremely dangerous. Below is a visual representation of what exactly can grow on your mobile devices and why it is important to frequently clean and disinfect your smartphones and tablets.

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About the Author

David Engelhardt has over 26 years of experience in software and hardware solutions development in healthcare and manufacturing, with a particular focus on mobile technologies. David is the founder and President of ReadyDock Inc. He is passionate and committed to providing safe, and workflow efficient methods to enable clinicians and patients to enhance care through the use of innovative technologies. In the small window of time when he is not working or spending time with his amazing wife and daughter, he spends his time playing USTA tennis, collecting vinyl records, and shaping music and sound in his recording studio.

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