iCleanse in healthcare

Healthcare establishments must assure their patients and staff of the highest level of cleanliness and protection. Preventing the spread of germs is critical in this field. High touch and shared equipment must be disinfected regularly to protect patients and employees from illness.


With our iCleanse products using UV-C compared to traditional disinfecting practices, it reduces disinfection time significantly. This allows for a more efficient way for medical establishments to disinfect their devices and medical equipment in an expeditious manner. iCleanse products also kill 99.9% of pathogens that can lead to infection in as little as 15 seconds allowing medical staff to be as protected and efficient as possible while doing their job.

Using iCleanse in healthcare

  • Convenient and discrete disinfection where it’s needed most; from nursing stations and patient rooms to entrances and cafeterias.  
  • No training or setup necessary—iCleanse products are ready to disinfect right out of the box.    
  • No hold up: We understand that in medical settings, time is of the essence. In the 15-30 seconds it takes staff to wash or sanitize hands between patient visits, iCleanse products disinfect all of their equipment and mobile devices.  

Physicians spend up to about 45% of their time on computers

The use of tablets help to expedite the check in process and reduce human error

Nurses make up to 144 patient visits per day

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