iCleanse for Government & Military

Military forces work closely together, often sharing phones, tablets, radios, and headphones. With all of these personnel sharing mobile and electronic devices, it is imperative that we minimize the spread of infection.

Government agencies rely heavily on personal and shared electronic devices to effectively and efficiently perform their job. Having a quick and efficient way to disinfect these shared devices will help keep government workers healthy and safe. Military personnel will be at ease knowing their operations and training will continue to run smoothly.

Using iCleanse in government & military

  • On duty or in the office, hygiene isn’t something to take for granted. iCleanse UV disinfection products are flexible for any space — barracks, hangars, offices, medical facilities, and fitness areas to name a few.  
  • iCleanse products work their magic in just 15-30 seconds, giving staff more than enough time to disinfect multiple devices at any given time.  
  • No training or setup necessary — iCleanse products are ready to clean right out of the box. Just insert devices, press start, and wait a few seconds. Our UV products are UL and FCC certified. 

The military uses about 600,000 mobile devices in operations & testing

There are almost 16,000 cases of influenza reported each week in the Military Health Systems

In 2011, the Marines started placing tablets in the cockpits of helicopters & fighter jets

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