iCleanse for corporations

A plethora of electronic devices is consistently used throughout the day in corporate environments. Tablets, laptops, keyboards, cellphones, and microphones are just a few examples. These devices allow for great workflow within a company and are necessary for a fast-paced environment in order to achieve success.

A Swift UV stand in a cafeteria

Sickness also has a significant impact on the business community. Employee absences for themselves or for taking care of loved ones often lead to a decline in productivity. Studies also show that 33% of workers go into work while sick. Being able to quickly disinfect these frequently used devices will assist in mitigating the spread of germs creating a healthier and more productive work environment. It is proven that employee engagement rises their employer cares about their health and well being.

The average employee has 2.3 devices that they use to complete work

33% of works always go to work while sick

Employee engagement rises when employers care about their health & well being

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