iCleanse for corporations

A plethora of electronic devices is consistently used throughout the day in corporate environments. Tablets, laptops, keyboards, cellphones, and microphones are just a few examples. These devices allow for great workflow within a company and are necessary for a fast-paced environment in order to achieve success.

Sickness also has a significant impact on the business community. Employee absences for themselves or for taking care of loved ones often lead to a decline in productivity. Studies also show that 33% of workers go into work while sick. Being able to quickly disinfect these frequently used devices will assist in mitigating the spread of germs creating a healthier and more productive work environment. It is proven that employee engagement rises their employer cares about their health and well being.

Using iCleanse in corporate offices

  • Whether you want to keep your hygiene safety measures front and center or take a more subdued approach, iCleanse products provide convenient disinfection (and peace of mind) where it’s needed most; from lobbies and meeting rooms, to lounges and cafeterias.  
  • On schedule: iCleanse products work their magic in just 15-30 seconds, giving staff and clients more than enough time to disinfect multiple devices between meetings.  
  • No training or setup necessary — iCleanse products are ready to clean right out of the box. Just insert devices, press start, and wait a few seconds. Our UV products are UL and FCC certified. 

The average employee has 2.3 devices that they use to complete work

33% of works always go to work while sick

Employee engagement rises when employers care about their health & well being

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