iCleanse named “Clever Product” for your OR

by | Jul 9, 2020

Let’s face it, phones and other mobile devices are extensions of our hands and go with us everywhere. For those working in environments where immunosuppressed patients are being cared for makes the disinfection of these devices is just as important as washing your hands.

Outpatient Surgery – 10 Clever Devices for your OR article Within the operating room theater patients are extremely vulnerable to infection and studies have shown that phones entering and exiting the operating room contain dangerous pathogens that can be transferred to and from hands 

  1. We are honored to be selected by Outpatient Surgery Magazine as one of their ’10 Clever Products for your OR’ list as more and more hospitals have integrated mobile device disinfection into their hand hygiene and mobile deployment policies 
  2. Reviewing mobile device policies across all hospital workflows, including staff, patients, and vendors alike is important and necessary. Growing evidence of the pathogens causing hospital-acquired infections is now expanding to show dangerous infections occurring outside of the hospital. Mobile device disinfection isn’t only for patients but to protect clinicians, their families, and others in the community 
  3. In the OR however, hospitals have the opportunity to integrate mobile device disinfection into their hand hygiene protocols.

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