iCleanse introduces RD5 Double Disinfection Feature at HIMSS 2017

by | Jul 9, 2020

There are more mobile devices in hospitals than there are people. And those smartphones and tablets often carry the same germs as the patients and visitors who wield them.

Tablets are also being used to give patients direct access to their health records, education, entertainment, and many other applications that allow them to interact with clinicians and engage in their own care.

These shared devices now go from one patient to another and are at risk of being vehicles of bacteria and also a risk to hospital HIPAA regulations. Patients using a tablet may inadvertently leave personal identifiable information on these devices and if passed to another patient may accidentally expose patient identity.

See how iCleanse’s RD5 with Double Disinfection and Samsung’s Knox & Tachyon Software provide a safe and efficient solution:

All in one data wiping and disinfecting solution for hospital devices

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