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iCleanse & ChargeTech Partnership Highlight

by | Jan 4, 2022

iCleanse and ChargeTech have partnered together to make UV-C device disinfection technology accessible across the globe at a time when it’s needed most.  

ChargeTech, a leader in device management solutions, and iCleanse, the leader in UV-C personal device disinfection, are working together to expand iCleanse’s UV-C disinfection product market reach across the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East.  

ChargeTech has licensed iCleanse patents for ChargeTech’s existing suite of high capacity, UV-C Clean-Charge-Store Cabinets and Carts. This alliance allows iCleanse and ChargeTech to better serve the marketplace by offering the most comprehensive suite of patented chemical-free UV-C disinfection devices to combat 99.99% of pathogens, including COVID-19. 

Get to know ChargeTech 
ChargeTech has been an industry leader in portable power, cell phone charging stands, and high-capacity charge and disinfection cabinets for over ten years.  

ChargeTech products are used to keep mobile devices charged and pathogen-free in thousands of schools, businesses, and other organizations worldwide. More than simple convenience, they make products that help employees and students function anywhere. ChargeTech remote power options are used outside the office and classroom to operate equipment for fieldwork, mobile Wi-Fi hubs, and emergency power for outages and rolling blackouts. 

Over the years, by joining forces with partner corporations and resellers, ChargeTech has expanded its reach while maintaining its commitment to quality, efficacy, and service. The ChargeTech team is committed to working closely with its clients to meet the ever-changing needs of the modern workplace, “leading the charge” on portable power and mobile device storage solutions. 

iCleanse and ChargeTech on a mission to help businesses battle COVID-19  
By working together, iCleanse and ChargeTech offer the most comprehensive suite of UV-C disinfection devices to combat 99.99% of viral pathogens, COVID-19 included. ChargeTech’s connections with businesses across the country help bring awareness to the power of UV-C disinfection. At the same time, the efficacy of iCleanse’s revolutionary new UV-C products reiterates the importance of regularly disinfecting mobile phones. Together, the two companies are on a mission to help slow the spread of dangerous pathogens. 

“ChargeTech is an exceptional company of innovators with great products themselves,” said Chris Allen, CEO of iCleanse. “There is a great opportunity for us both to get our products out there to help businesses and communities battle COVID-19.” 

ChargeTech CEO John Cappetta said the partnership with iCleanse will allow the company “to better serve our existing corporate clients by expanding our product offering in this critically important category.” 

“We were so impressed by the design and efficacy of the iCleanse products that we decided the best way to serve our customers was to expand on our large format suite of products by adding the iCleanse line or products, as one of their licensed distributors,” Cappetta said. “We are thrilled to expand on our CleanCharge line of large format UV-C device charging, cleaning, and storage products with the exceptional iCleanse products.” 

ChargeTech and iCleanse product line-up

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