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iCleanse and Surfacide Team Up to Highlight the Power of UV-C Disinfection Technology

by | Nov 19, 2021

Welcome to our first iCleanse #PartnershipHighlight post. This series aims to highlight our network of industry leaders working to address the critical challenges we face in infection prevention. 

This week, we’re thrilled to highlight our partnership with Surfacide, an innovative company that delivers scientifically proven, hospital-grade UV-C technology across the globe. 

Headquartered in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Surfacide is a trusted partner in infection prevention. The company has deployed its technology in over 500 locations worldwide, including hospitals, nursing homes, dental offices, fire departments, police departments, prisons, commercial office spaces, hotels, and public venues. 

After its founding in 2010, Surfacide released the Helios® System, the world’s only patented, triple emitter UV-C light solution to rapidly eliminate and prevent the spread of deadly pathogens. The system is capable of whole-room disinfection, using an evidence-based UV-C solution that reaches more surfaces, reduces shadowed areas, and requires less labor for a quicker turnaround time and better results.

“Our partnership with iCleanse has been rewarding as we are able to provide a complete UV-C disinfection approach that is helping hundreds of healthcare facilities around the world fight pathogens, provide relief for healthcare workers, and create safer environments,” said Gunner Lyslo, Surfacide founder & CEO. “At Surfacide, we exist to save lives with proven UV-C technology, and we are honored to work with a company whose approach aligns so closely with our own.”

iCleanse Swift Mini alongside the Surfacide Helios® System

Chris Allen, CEO of iCleanse, said his company’s patented technology complements Surfacide by killing pathogens on personal electronic devices like cell phones and tablets. Like iCleanse, Surfacide recognizes the importance of using innovative technologies to ensure patients, staff, and visitors are safe in healthcare settings. Surfacide technology is used in hospitals worldwide, providing an extra layer of protection for patients and employees. 

Working together to prevent the spread of infectious pathogens and protecting various communities is the ultimate goal. 

“We have a huge opportunity to showcase the effectiveness of our product while we are all fighting, together, to return to some normalcy,” Allen said. “Partnering with Surfacide will greatly help in protecting hospital staff, patients, and visitors as we battle COVID-19.” 

Learn more about Surfacide by visiting https://surfacide.com or calling (844)-390-3538. 
Learn more about iCleanse by visiting https://icleans.wpengine.com 

Company Contacts: 
Sarah Kotlan, Surfacide at sarah.kotlan@surfacide.com 
Chelsey Clapper, iCleanse at chelseyclapper@icleanse.com 

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