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iCleanse and Athena Health Care Partner to Protect Nursing Home Staff and Residents During Pandemic

by | Feb 11, 2021

This year has presented many obstacles and raised fear in everyone around the world. In today’s times; face masks, shields, sanitizer, and other items have allowed the world to resume with a little bit of normalcy. People are remaining cautious and safe while we continue to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic and distribute vaccines to all. Nevertheless, now there is a newly heightened awareness of bacteria and viruses.  

Nursing homes are one of the most vulnerable groups during the COVID-19 pandemic. The residents in nursing homes are at very high risk already since most of them already have underlying health conditions and are older in age. Nursing home residents are stuck in confined areas with other residents and employees. Patients are unable to leave or have visitors at this time making it hard for them to feel connected to their loved ones. Employees coming and going to and from work brings added risk to care home facilities. Nursing homes frequently use tablets and other devices to have patients communicate with their loved ones, do physical therapy exercises, health tracking, or for entertainment purposes. Many states and organizations have allocated funds or donated tablets so that residents have access to video chat apps as well as apps to keep their morale up. With this increased use of technology, there is an increased risk of transmitting viruses.  Making sure these devices are frequently disinfected between use is crucial for the health of those living there, and that is where iCleanse can play a key role in the workplace. 

About iCleanse & Our Mission  

iCleanse wants to help businesses keep their employees, customers, patients, and families safe and healthy. Having businesses and establishments stay open, safe, and efficient is what iCleanse is here to assist with. The iCleanse Swift product line are easy to use UV-C light technology units that kills infectious pathogens from electronics and other items. Just place your items into the drawer, close it up, press start, and in thirty seconds viruses and bacteria are wiped out. iCleanse UV-C units are lab tested, made in the USA, and are chemical free. In as little as 30 seconds, the iCleanse family of products effectively kill 99.9% of infectious bacteria like the common cold, influenza, and human coronavirus.*  

Ultraviolet light is an electromagnetic wave that is invisible to the human eye, located between X-Rays and visible light. UV-C light in the 200 nm to 300nm range can be deadly to microorganisms. When the DNA of bacteria, viruses and pathogens absorb this light, it renders them inert and unable to replicate6. Pathogens cannot infect if they cannot replicate.  

All clinical and non-clinical organizations need to develop sustainable strategies to make their operations safe through and beyond the pandemic. Disinfection will always be needed and precautions to ensure the world’s health and safety are important, that is why iCleanse was created. Frequently disinfecting tablets, remotes, phones, and other devices reduces the risk of the spread of infectious pathogens within nursing home facilities.  

iCleanse and Athena Health Care Systems Partnership 

iCleanse  has partnered with Athena Health Care in providing another layer of safety and infection control to Athena’s 51 nursing homes in New England.  For over three decades,  Athena  Health Care Systems, based in Farmington, CT,  has been a regional leader in providing  skilled nursing care, short-term, post-hospital rehabilitation, assisted and senior living, as well as home health, hospice care, and private duty  program services.  

“The  iCleanse  units have been well-received  and greatly appreciated by the teams at our centers,”  says Larry  Santilli, President, and C.E.O. of Athena Health Care Systems. Santilli  adds,  “Nursing homes across the country have been significantly impacted by COVID-19 and Athena Health Care Systems has gone to extraordinary lengths to provide protection, whether in the forms of PPE or the newest technology in the  iCleanse  units, to ensure the  health and safety of our staff. The units provide not only another level of infection prevention but    also provide peace of mind for our dedicated, compassionate caregivers. Chris Allen and his team have developed a great tool to complement our expanding infection prevention program.”  

iCleanse has been implemented into a variety of hospitals and nursing homes across America. For so long, nursing homes and long-term care facilities have been plagued with various  virus  outbreaks.  Their generally older demographic and confined spaces  make them highly susceptible to acquiring and transmitting viruses  amongst each other.  Nurses and physicians are increasingly using technology like tablets in their  day to day  work. Upwards of 87% of physicians employ mobile devices in their workplace. Tablets help save time between patients by being able to quickly input patient information or view needed information. They are also used for speedy patient check-ins  and keeping track of visitors inside of facilities.  iCleanse Swift units will help reduce the spread of infectious pathogens to nursing home patients and employees by killing 99.9% of bacteria on devices and items in less than 30 seconds. Keeping businesses such as health and care facilities open, safe, and efficient is iCleanse’s top priority.  

 In today’s times most businesses and health care facilities are trying to find the best way to protect their patients and employees from contracting and spreading COVID-19 throughout the building. COVID-19 can last up to 28 days on surfaces. Disinfecting frequently touched items and devices that are passed from person to person is crucial especially in nursing homes where the majority of patients are elderly and have health complications. CEO of iCleanse, Chris Allen said, “I am excited to partner with Mr. Santilli at Athena Health Care Systems, providing them with UV-C disinfection they can trust. It is essential during these times to keep workers and residents safe from viruses and harmful bacteria that can lead to infection, including COVID-19. Our products will provide the necessary tools needed to fight this pandemic.” 

* COVID-19 Surrogate OC43 

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