Healthcare Apps That Streamline The Workday For Doctors & Nurses

by | Jul 7, 2020

Recently, iCleanse covered some of the top healthcare apps for tablet use in the clinical setting. Here, we’ll outline apps specifically tailored to enhance efficiency and information accessibility for healthcare workers.

Efficiency on the Go

Up To Datenow enables doctors and nurses to utilize their app with a group subscription through their hospital or academic intuition. Until recently, the app was only available to those who had personal subscriptions. UpToDate is a highly respected resource for current and cutting edge evidence based practices, and the new app brings this crucial information more readily to healthcare practitioners.

NEJM This Week is a mobile version of the New England Journal of Medicine. The app allows easy access to recent articles, summaries, and audio clips on current topics, as well as a base of fundamental knowledge like videos of routine procedures.

Read by QxMDis another app that streamlines the process of accessing recent publications from Pubmed’s database or specific journal subscriptions. Instead of wasting time logging on through multiple portals to view currently published peer reviewed papers, Read stores your Hospital or University’s access credentials to give you instant access to Pubmed and your top journals.

Prognosis: Your Diagnosis is a clinical simulation game designed specifically for health care providers, which makes diagnostic riddles fun by turning them into a game for your Apple or Android device. When stuck on a patient, you can brainstorm with other players.

Dragon Medical Searchallows practitioners to search for medical content online via voice search. Dragon encompasses information on drug interactions, updates on prescribing information, and diagnostic tools, streamlining doctor’s access to pertinent information during busy clinical hours.

3D4Medical is a mobile device application that uses 3D technology to rotate, zoom, and orient perspectives on gross anatomy, as well as anatomical animations. This app is not only useful for physicians and nurses who need to immediately reference anatomy refreshers, but also for patient teaching.

AHRQ ePSS was designed by the Department of Health and Human Services with the newest healthcare implements in mind. This app can aid primary care givers determine the right types of preventative medication and screening for each patient situation, by allowing providers to search based on pertinent patient information like age, sex, and risk factors.

Omnio by Physicians Interactive attempts to bring the best of all healthcare apps to you in one place. The reference guide includes databases on drugs, diseases, a medical calculator and access to national databases and resources like the American Diabetes Association. An RSS feed tailored to your specialty brings current events in your field and updated recommendations and guidelines, customizable to whatever recent publications you’d wish to see. The Omnio “store” allows you to purchase content from trusted references and resources, as well.

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