What do you need to consider when developing a BYOD strategy?

Free Ebook: Is Disinfection Part Of Your BYOD Policy?

As Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) continues to grow in popularity, policies must be put in place to address a number of key issues.

Common concerns such as cost, security, and technology requirements are easily addressed, but what about disinfection? In germ sensitive environments this critical element cannot be overlooked. Learn how to address all of the necessary elements required to create an efficient BYOD policy in this free ebook.

This free, 40 page ebook will outline:

  • Your options for deploying mobile devices in your workplace.
  • The five most important considerations for a BYOD strategy.
  • How to easily incorporate disinfection into your policies.
  • A holistic approach to create an efficient policy for your workplace.
Free Ebook BYOD Policy

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