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Trusted by Over 100 U.S. Hospitals, iCleanse’s Chemical Free UV-C Technology Kills Pathogens Like COVID-19 in as Little as 15 Seconds

by | Sep 10, 2020

iCleanse is Expanding from Disinfecting Healthcare Mobile Devices to Large Arenas, Schools, Corporate & Government Buildings, and Airports Making it Safer for People to Return to Large Venues

September 10, 2020, West Hartford, CT – Chris Allen, Smart Home visionary, entrepreneur, and Founder of iDevices ®, one of the most respected names in the IoT Connected Home industry, announced today that he is leaving iDevices and is moving onto his next venture with the acquisition of iCleanse (formerly ReadyDock™), based in Avon, CT, the leading manufacturer of mobile device disinfection technology for healthcare, essential in this era of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Trusted by Over 100 U.S. Hospitals, iCleanse Branches Out into Disinfecting Large Arenas
Trusted by over 100 U.S. hospitals, iCleanse’s chemical-free UV-C technology kills pathogens that can cause infections, like COVID-19 and other pathogens, in as little as 60 seconds. Under Allen’s new leadership and with the current pandemic, iCleanse will expand from their current market of disinfecting doctors’ offices and hospitals, into the disinfection of large venues, including schools and universities, sports and entertainment arenas, corporate, military, police, and fire departments, nursing homes, government buildings, and airports.

“This once small addressable market has grown exponentially due to COVID-19. We now have the ability to help so many different businesses protect themselves, their staff, and their customers,” said Chris Allen, CEO, iCleanse.

Chris Allen, Inventor & Entrepreneur

Chris Allen has a long history of entrepreneurship with a keen eye to forecast trends. In 2009, iDevices’ Founder Chris Allen invented the patented iGrill ®, the ground-breaking first app-enabled Connected Home product, which debuted in Apple Stores in November 2010. At iDevices, Allen created cutting-edge award-winning products that revolutionize how we interact with our homes; taking a simple idea for an iPhone-compatible product and turning it into a multi-million dollar company. Chris Allen strategically planned the company’s products roadmap, partnerships, and retail channel network, including agreements with Lowe’s ®, The Home Depot ®, and Apple ®; as well as business development and a collaborative culture that led to the company being named “One of the Best Places to Work in Connecticut” three times.

In 2017, after wide-spread industry recognition and awards, iDevices was acquired by Hubbell, Inc. (NYSE: HUBB), a multi-billion dollar, 100+-year-old company that designs, manufactures, and sells electrical and electronic products for residential and non-residential construction, industrial, and utility applications. iDevices products, including smart switches, outlets, thermostats, and other Smart Home electronics, became part of the Hubbell family of brands.

Disinfection is the Key to Making it Safer to Return to Travel, Schools, and Entertainment Venues
Allen’s new venture will provide its patented disinfection solutions to many different market verticals, making it safer for people to return to “normal” with a greater ability to travel, go to school, enjoy sporting and concert events.

iCleanse is “Made in the USA” – Creating Jobs
“The iCleanse team and I are committed to helping protect people during this pandemic and creating jobs. To that end, all our products are ‘Made in the USA’ and are providing much-needed jobs during this difficult time,” said Allen. iCleanse products are available on their website www.icleanse.com and with various distributors across the country. The company is growing rapidly and is looking for distribution partners and independent sales reps across the country and around the world.

About iCleanse
iCleanse (formerly ReadyDock) disinfects iOS and Android devices, while securely storing and charging smartphones and tablets in a dock for sanitary, safe access. The first product to combine critical mobile device disinfection for healthcare with charging, storage, and security in a single easy-to-access process, iCleanse solutions were designed with clinicians and patients in mind to ensure that tablets and smartphones are ready and safe when they are needed to enhance, not inhibit, healthcare delivery. iCleanse supports the unique workflow seen in hospitals and medical offices today, including BYOD (Bring your Own Devices), patients as users, and easily adapts to nurses’ and doctors’ varied shifts.

iCleanse was created by people who care about healthcare and know that integrating new processes into a medical environment requires deep thinking and collaboration with those involved in that environment. With solutions to combat Health Acquired Infections (HAI), like COVID-19, iCleanse is key to protecting the population as we continue to battle this pandemic today, as well as any new viruses that may arise in the future.

For more information on iCleanse, see the website: www.icleanse.com and follow iCleanse Founder Chris Allen on Instagram here. as he documents the rise of his latest venture, answers questions, and offers advice on business and start-ups.

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If you would like more information on iCleanse and are interested in the products and services check out our iCleanse social media accounts and website. Don’t forget to subscribe to iCleanse on our website to get the latest disinfection tips, trends, and news sent directly to your email inbox.

If you would like more information on iCleanse and are interested in the products and services check out our iCleanse social media accounts and website. Don’t forget to subscribe to iCleanse on our website to get the latest disinfection tips, trends, and news sent directly to your email inbox.

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