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Keeping Patients Healthy: The Cost of Healthcare Acquired Infection

With healthcare costs at an all time high for both patients and hospital operations budgets, the price tag associated with staying healthy is often staggering. Patients may typically blame insurance companies and physicians for hefty bills, though clinics and hospitals funnel monies into several different channels that comprise the cost of doing business in healthcare.

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Keep a Clean Routine with the CleanMe App for iPhone & iPad

When you are working in a germ sensitive environment, consistent disinfection is critical to ensuring the health and safety of yourself and those around you.  Despite its importance, disinfection oftentimes takes a back seat to all of the hustle and bustle of daily activities, which can lead to severe consequences. 

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iCleanse Introduces Critical New Product – the iCleanse Duo

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Already the maker of the world’s first chemical-free disinfecting docking station, iCleanse announced the introduction of the iCleanse Duo Disinfection Station in June, 2016. This new technology offers a simple, easy and effective way to disinfect tablets and smartphones in 30 seconds by applying germicidal light to 99 percent of the surface area of the device. The patented technology and process only requires that hospital staff insert phones and tablets into a disinfection station for 30 seconds.

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iCleanse Introduces iCleanse CL for Motion Computing Tablets

Motion Computing®, a leading global provider of tablet PCs and supporting mobility solutions, announced the availability of several new accessories for the CL900 Tablet PC. From charging and docking solutions to carrying cases, Motion® delivers a variety of peripheral solutions, in addition to purpose-built tablet PCs, which suit the specific needs of today’s mobile workers across the field service, healthcare and retail industries.

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iCleanse is now available for Motion Computing’s entire line of tablets!

iCleanse is now available for Motion Computing’s C5, F5, CL, and J-Series tablets! So whether you are a hospital, field worker, or professional, iCleanse is an excellent way to organize your workflow for maximized efficiency. Ask your reseller if iCleanse is the right solution for you. If you don’t have a reseller, please contact us and we will make an introduction for you!

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iCleanse named “Clever Product” for your OR

Let’s face it, phones and other mobile devices are extensions of our hands and go with us everywhere. For those working in environments where immunosuppressed patients are being cared for makes the disinfection of these devices is just as important as washing your hands.

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