New Hampshire-based Red River, a leading information technology (IT) services provider, announced a partnership today between Red River Healthcare and iCleanse, a healthcare IT firm that offers workflow management solutions of tablet computers in hospitals and other applications that require disinfecting, charging, storage and security of tablet PCs.
Mission accomplished! iCleanse disinfected HUNDREDS of phones, tablets and other devices at HIMSS 2018 in Las Vegas this year. We want to thank all the friends, new and old that stopped by as well as our partners Samsung and Connection who featured the product and sponsored this service.
Dental loupes are personal eyesore protective equipment worn by dental personnel for magnifying the clinicians field of view. Cleaning and disinfecting these devices is a challenge for users. MUSC Dental School and Students studied iCleanse DUO as a method of applying UVC as an efficient disinfection process. Below is a poster of the study. Publication to follow soon!
There are more mobile devices in hospitals than there are people. And those smartphones and tablets often carry the same germs as the patients and visitors who wield them.
We heard our customers loud and clear; security and space are critical for tablet pc deployment strategies. That is why we have introduced our new wall-mounting kit for the RDC5M. The kit offers the added security of a non-movable solution so your tablets stay put.
iCleanse – makers of the only docking station that can secure, charge, connect and provide the most efficient storage options available for the Motion Computing C5 and F5 TabletPCs – has obtained UL approval for its RDC5M docking station.