10 Of The Top Rated Healthcare Apps for Doctors & Nurses

Tablet and other mobile devices are changing the ways in which healthcare providers access medical information and interface with patients. Apple’siPadcontinues to be the tablet of choice for most physicians, followed by the Kindle Fire. For portability reasons, though, many clinicians still prefer toting a smaller smart phone than a larger tablet.

Astablet use in healthcarebecomes morecommon place, the number of apps which boast usefulness to the medical professional also soars, and providers needto be sure that the apps they’re using in their practices provide relevant and accurate information, a rather daunting task considering the number of apps available.

Mobile Health Newspublished a list of their top 80 applications for healthcare

Mobile Health News’ complete list of 80 can be foundhere. professionals.The list covers apps relevant tophysicians and nurses.

Here,10 apps for medical professionals in the various care categories.

Medical References:

1.Medscape“The leading medical resource most used by physicians, medical students, nurses, and other healthcare professionals for clinical information.” Apple users givethis app 4.5 stars. It’s free, and gives the user access to medical news, drug and disease information, medical calculators, and continuing medical education information.

2.Visual DX is a“support and reference tool for physicians includes 1300+ diagnoses and 28000+ medical images to aid diagnosis.” The app includes actual patient pictures depicting symptoms of different disease in order to help clinicians and students visually identify different illnesses.

3.Epocratesand Epocrates CME are both“trusted clinical resource[s]…[with] more than 2 million active members including physicians.Through this app you can find consults and referrals in the provider directory, review drug-prescribing information, perform different clinically important calculations.

4.Muscle System Pro IIIwas developed “in collaboration with Stanford University School of Medicine.” The app features360 degreerotation of any body part, 10 layers of superficial and deep muscle visualizations, animations, and quizzes to allow students to test themselves on specific areas or muscles. Primarily a learning tool but can also be used as a reference app.


5.Micromedex Drug Interactionsgets a 4+ rating in the Apple App store, and at $2.99 it “provides on-the-go access to theindustry’smost trusted and comprehensive drug information when and where it’s needed the most.” Developed byTruvenHealth Analytics, Inc., this drug reference app covers information regarding dosages, drug interactions, side effects, and contraindications.

6.MedCalc (medical calculator) “gives you easy access to complicated medical formulas, scores, scales, and classifications.” The app includes formulas for anesthesiology, cardiology, neurology, obstetrics, pediatrics, and more, with formula presentations specially formatted to fit on the iPhone screen. For $1.99 you can get the standard version which has been rated 4+ in the appstore, but for $4.99, the pro version includes enhancements for formula result sharing and storing, including the ability to email the formula and all relevant data to a colleague, print, or copy and paste elsewhere.


7.NurseTabs“allows nurses and nursing students to access over 120 skills andprocedures learnedthrough fundamental nursing courses.” Each skill includes the equipment needed to perform the procedure andstep-by-stepinstructions. The app is rated at a 4+ and costs $9.99.

8.Lexicompallows students and clinicians to “get fast, reliable answers to medication questions…at the point of care.”Lexicompget s a 4+ in user ratings in Apple’s App Store, and is free.Lexicompoffers information regarding drug dosing, lab and diagnostic procedures, toxicology, and patient education materials.

Patient Education and Interface:

9.MediBabbleis a “free, professional-grade medical interpretation app for healthcare providers.” The app is designed to make history taking and physical exam easier for clinicians treating non-English speaking patients. The app includes thousands of translated question and instruction recordings that users can play for patients. Available languages currently include Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Russian, and Haitian Creole. This app works when not connected towifi, as well.

10.HealthTap MD for US Doctors“is for doctors to find new patients, enhance their reputation with colleagues and patients, learn practical clinical wisdom from other renowned doctors, earn morerevenue, and help those in need.”The app allows doctors to build their reputation while interacting with patients on the go in a HIPAA compliant application. It also allows doctors to connect with colleagues securely, andinteract with other physicians to share knowledge. The app is free andgeta 12+ rating in the Apple App Store.

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