AJIC Study Proves UV-C is Better for Mobile Device Cleaning Than Chemicals with iCleanse

by | Jul 6, 2020

iCleanse UV System Disinfects Mobile Devices, Improves Compliance & Saves Staff Time

American Journal of Infection Control (AJIC) 2019

A recent publication in the American Journal of Infection Control (AJIC 2019) proves the effectiveness of iCleanse’s UV-C chemical-free, general purpose disinfection solution for mobile devices and demonstrates a clear path to quality improvement, risk-reduction of infection transmission and improved patient safety.

The AJIC publication, “Comparative effectiveness of rapid-cycle UV decontamination to chemical decontamination on high-touch devices” (Resendiz et al 2019 ), which was conducted at a US military hospital, concludes there was no difference in the reduction of aerobic bacteria (98%) and a significant improvement in anaerobic bacteria decontamination (100%).

Staff use of the iCleanse system reduces the average cleaning time of mobile devices by 43% and increases the best practice of daily cleaning by 86.5%. Additionally, the system helped avoid non-compliant chemical use on devices, which can harm devices, void warranties and potentially reduce their lifecycle.

The iCleanse system met with overwhelming staff approval (98% user satisfaction). The study, which exposed a general unawareness by staff of mobile device cleaning protocols, also noted that the system reduced chemical use, which in turn reduced staff and patient exposure to respiratory irritants and corrosive chemicals.

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