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15 Healthcare Influencers You Aren’t Following On Twitter

by | Jul 6, 2020

If you’re like any one of us on the ReadyDock Team, then you want to stay in the know with what’s new in the world of healthcare. Here, we like to stay connected through news sources like Modern Healthcare and organizations such as Infection Control Today. However, another way to stay connected is through social media, where news and information is literally brought to your fingertips. We’ve compiled a list of some of our most influential friends on Twitter so you can start building more relationships and share relevant trending content. 

Meet Your New Connections

Wen Dombrowski, MD
Dr. Dombrowski is an advocate for mobile health technology that puts power into the hands of patients. She is constantly Tweeting and sharing sources that relate to the modern advances in medicine. 

Dirk Stanley, MD MPH@DirkStanley
Dr. Stanley is a board certified Informaticist that keeps his followers informed on topics that range from health policies to epidemiology research. He has a great relationship with other industry professionals and shares their thoughts and information often. 

Will Weider
Will has been sharing valuable information surrounding Health IT for over 7 years, but he doesn’t limit it to that because followers can get their daily dosage of entertainment here too. 

Camea Kirkpatrick
Kamiya is a nurse advocate. Her posts have evolved from educating nurses about coping with difficult situations to everything health related. Her followers include professionals and patients. 

Dr. Gia Sison
Dr. Sison is a breast cancer advocate who regularly shares advice on coping with cancer, healthcare leadership, and health technology. 

Elin Silveous
Elin tweets often about the collaboration of medicine and technology that is tranforming the industry day by day. 

Mandi Bishop
Mandi Bishop is a healthcare consultant who specializes in the relationship between computers and medical data. She’s made it her mission to educate others about healthcare IT. 

Rose Gallagher
Rose enjoys keeping her followers updated on all things nursing, but does not limit it to just that. She is also very passionate about infection control and its awareness. 

Michael Walsh
@EpiDoctorInfection control is taken to a whole different level here. Michael is an infectious disease epidemiologist who Tweets about the physical and social landscapes of infections.

Amesh Adalja
A leading infectious disease physician, Dr. Adalja likes to inform his followers about all things healthcare. 

Eli Perencevich
Dr. Perencevich is bringing awareness to infectious diseases everyday. You’ll find his Twitter feed is full of information about bacterial resistance, MRSA, hand hygiene, and more. 

Geeta Nayyar, MD MBA
Dr. Nayyar offers the doctor point of view on subjects like mobile health, health technology, and digital health. 

Christina Thielst
Christina engages her friends with topics she is passionate about. On her Twitter you can find information about hospitals, workplace effectiveness, health IT, telehealth, social media and enhancing patient experience.

Cindi Slater
Dr. Slater uses social media to bridge the gap between doctors and their patients, bringing them to the future of healthcare.

Natrice Rese
Are difficult patients bringing down your motivation? Nurse Natrice shares advice on caring for the toughest patients. 

Each individual was chosen because he or she makes an active effort every day to keep followers informed. Start connecting with them today to increase your knowledge and network.Don’t forget to connect with us either! 

About the Author

David Engelhardt, Founder and President of ReadyDock, though some people call him our “Mobile Device Disinfection Specialist!” He has over 28 years of experience in software and hardware solutions development in healthcare and manufacturing, with a particular focus on mobile technologies. David is passionate and committed to providing safe and workflow-efficient methods to enable clinicians and patients to enhance care through the use of innovative technologies. In the small window of time when he is not working or spending time with his amazing wife and daughter, he can be found playing USTA tennis, collecting vinyl records, and shaping music and sound in his recording studio.

Photo by Claudio Schwarz | @purzlbaum on Unsplash

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